Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amy's Answers The Proof of Purchase Dilemma!

**Update 9/1/11** Amy's has changed the program a bit. You now get to pick what item you want in exchange for your UPCs.

I just got word from Katie @Amy's Kitchen that there is a reason to save the Proofs of Purchase from Amy's products! If you collect 25 Amy's Proofs of Purchase, you can mail them in and Amy's will send you a goodie bag with Amy's stuff and coupons!!!

Send your 25 Proofs of Purchase to-

Amy's Kitchen, Inc.
PO Box 4759
Petaluma, Ca 94955-4759

Thank you to Katie and Amy's Kitchen for allowing me to sleep at night again.

**Update 1/24/11** I got my gift box! Look here.


  1. AHH I'm so glad you found the answer.
    I wasn't aware of the Amy's proof of purchase tickets until your post and it was keeping me up at night too.

  2. I'm so happy for you! You must be relieved to have an answer :)

  3. Ah man, I wish I had known that months ago. You're my hero!


  4. oh damn! I just took out all my paperboard recycling :[

    well anyway, thanks for letting us know

    yay lazy veganism!

  5. That is really awesome to know. Now to figure out how to get the proof of purchase off of tin cans and glass bottles :|

  6. What, what?! I will now consume many Amy's products!

  7. What about the plastic bags that those burritos come in? There's no Proof on them :(
    Can I mail in the whole bag as a proof that I ate it?

  8. =v= Hmm. I just figured that if I collected enough of them, I win a date with Amy.

  9. Holy crap. I would have at least 75 proofs of purchase by now. WTF. They really should advertise that somewhere. Welp, now I'll start saving them, haha.

  10. Is there a limitation on this or is it ongoing? B/c I buy Amy's stuff ALL the time but I had no idea this was going on.

  11. From what I understand since it's a new program they are playing it by ear. I'd imagine a limit to how many times a year you could send in POP's. For specific questions on the POP program, email Amy's at!



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