Sunday, April 20, 2014

Premium Chocolatiers No No's

A while back, Premium Chocolatiers had a Kickstarter for No No's, a Vegan chocolate similar to a M&M but with a Vegan marshmallow inside. No No's met their Kickstarter goal and are now available on their website. I put in a little cash and got four bags of No No's in return. It seemed like a candy I would like to try, like duh. Well, I'm here to tell you those bags disappeared in one day....

The No No's recall a flavor and colorful look of Easter candy. Kinda like malted Easter Eggs, but with marshmallows. I was really digging the flavor and can't totally describe them. Sure, they're somewhat similar to M&M's but not really. Sweet, chocolatey and marshmallowy; they melt in your mouth! And then there's the texture.... some people have complained about the bizarre shape and appearance. Premium Chocolatiers has said that they are still tweaking the shape and I'm ok with that. I think it's fun that the shapes are so random, it doesn't bother me in the least. But they may want to change the picture on the front of the packaging so people don't freak out. Bottom line: taste great, look weird, go buy them!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beyond Meat Feisty Beef-Free Crumble

Growing up in the McDevitt household, tacos were a weekly dinner item: simple to make and always amazing tasting. As I got older and started "cooking" on my own, tacos continued to be a mainstay. That is until I gave up on tacos and went 100% nachos, 'cause I'm lazy. When I stopped eating meat, I tried all of the popular meatless crumbles of the day. Everything from Morningstar to Boca. After a couple years, I decided the crumbles were not that great, and actually unnecessary when you have a quality refried bean. That is until now! The new Beyond Meat Feisty Beef-Free Crumbles are a revelation. I got to try them at Expo West and I recently gave them the true test, on my nachos.  

Let me start off with the flavor. Holy smokes! Straight up Taco Bell meat. Spicy, but not burningly so. This stuff is gold! I'm serious when I say that if Taco Bell replaced their taco meat with Beyond Meat, very few people would notice. And honestly, most people would prefer Beyond Meat once they see the nutritional and ethical differences.

Also the Beef-Free Crumbles are super easy to prepare. You can use the microwave or a skillet. I've been using a cast-iron skillet and the Crumbles warm up perfectly. The instructions say to warm them up, but if you like your beef crispy, you can cook them a little bit longer with some oil. I'm seriously on my fourth bag of crumbles since Expo West and I'm still hooked. If you're not convinced, please print this free coupon for a bag of Beef-Free Crumbles and try them for yourself. I think you'll love them as much as me.


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