Monday, November 8, 2010

I Can't Say It's Cheese

Another order from Vegan Essentials, this time I got a couple of cheese alternatives. Yeah we all know about Daiya, Teese and Follow Your Heart but do you know about Parmazano and We Can't Say It's Cheese? Both of these are hard to get in Omaha as of now but so were Daiya and Teese. It's just a matter of time...

I've had the Hickory Smoked Cheddar flavor of We Can't Say It's Cheese from Wayfare before in Portland and it was pretty damn good. The texture is creamy and spreadable. The neat thing is that it's made from oats but you would never guess that. Honestly it tastes like it shouldn't be Vegan, almost bacony. It's great on crackers and even veggie burgers!

This is Parmazano, which was imported from the U.K. This is some good stuff! In the last couple days I've had it on pizza and lasagna. Someone mentioned it tastes real aged cheese and I have to agree. If you miss your old green shaker parmesan cheese give Parmazano a try.


  1. I love that parmesan stuff! Sadly we can't get Teese, Daiya or We Can't Say It's Cheese over here but we do get Cheezly & Sheese - the Medium Cheddar Sheese is awesome on crackers.

    1. I live in Weymouth Dorset. What do we all have to do,to get these cheeses in the UK ? Tried Cheezly,but prefer Sheese medium cheddar,on my home made pizzas :o) We seem to be so far behind America in available Vegan food. Any ideas ?

  2. You may have ruined my love for daiya. Do you still have some "We Can't Say It's Cheese" left? I'd love to try some!

  3. I haven't had Parmazano in years, but it is amazing. I don't even have access to Parma here. My store only sells that Galaxy stuff.



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