Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nature's Path Granola Bars

Sometimes revamping and changing a product is for the best...and sometimes it's not. One of my standby snacks for the last 5 years has been Nature's Path Granola Bars. Anytime I would fly or take a road trip I would have a couple of bars with me in case I get the hungries. Not that long ago Nature's Path decided to reformulate the the bars, make the bars smaller and totally change the packaging.

My three favorites are Sunny Hemp (oooh, I'm eating weed!), Peanut Choco and Pumpkin-N-Spice. Sunny Hemp is a sweet bar with raisins and hemp. Peanut Choco is super chocolaty with bits of peanuts. Pumpkin-N-Spice is sweet and spicy (shocker) with pumpkin seeds.

Taste-wise they are still pretty similar, maybe even a little too sweet. I'd take the old bars in a heartbeat but that's not likely to happen anytime soon. I notice they are moister then the old bars, which is great unless you can't wash your hands right away (air travel). Size-wise I think the bars are at least a 1/3rd smaller then the old ones. I assume they shrunk the size of the bars to keep the price competitive. Nature's Path does use all organic ingredients so I'm sure they can't be cheap to produce. That said, I guess I'm one of the rare customers that would pay a little extra for larger bar. I guess it's no big deal, just buy more boxes right?


  1. That's always the worst when a company repackages the product smaller. I've never had these granola bars, but the peanut choco one looks amazing!

  2. It's funny because if you go to the Nature's Gate website you can see all the customer complaints. The Choco is the bomb!

  3. Wait. I never even knew these were vegan! I always think they look good when I'm restocking them at work, but I guess I never looked at the ingredients.

  4. Ohh where do you find them? They'd probably fit in my purse better than a sandwich.



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