Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Delicious Kidz Popsicles

While looking for my normal treats in the freezer case at Whole Foods I spied these So Delicious Kidz Popsicles. Maybe they've been sitting in there all summer but I feel like I would have seen them. Even though it's cooling down here in Omaha, I can't pass up some awesome natural popsicles. Also, the Farm Sanctuary logo really caught my eye, how cool is that?! You get to sign up for the Farm Sanctuary Kidz Club and get awesome stuff!

The popsicles themselves are great! It's like you are eating real juice (well you are). The three flavors are cherry, orange and grape. Cherry was my favorite flavor-wise. Truth be told, I'd like the cherry no matter what just because I'm a cherry kind of guy. Orange and grape were good, too. So if you are looking to entertain some kids in the near future I'd totally suggest these frozen treats. And don't for get to check out the website!


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