Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liz Lovely Cookies

For my birthday back in August I received one of the most unexpected gifts ever, all eight Liz Lovely Cookies! It was a gift from my girlfriend's mom who obviously knows what I like. I've had a couple Liz Lovely cookies before but never all eight. With two in a pack, you'll never see another human more proficient at devouring Vegan cookies. Coookieees!

Snicker Dudes- Moist, cinnamony, buttery, sweet. Perfect.

Cowgirl Cookies- An amazing cookie doughish delicacy. My second favorite. Why didn't it come with three?

Peanut Butter Classics- Delicious peanut butter and chocolate drizzles. Great with some almond milk.

Goats A' Grazin'- A yummy loaded cookie. Oatmeal and raisins overflowing. I guess I wish I was a goat!

Ginger Snapdragons- Strong and tingly ginger flavor, crunchy sugary outside and a chewy molasses bite.

Chocolate Moose Dragons- I'm gonna say this was my favorite of the eight. A chocolaty moist inside with a crusty outside. This was one delish cookie.

Cowboy Cookies- Oatmeal, chocolate and walnuts make this a very hearty cookie.

Macaroonies Sock-it-to-me!- A coconutty macaroon cookie. It was a bit sweet for me. My least favorite of the eight.

At the end of this cookie odyssey I discovered that Liz Lovely makes some yummy cookies. So the next time you are looking for some Vegan cookie goodness, give Liz Lovely a chance!


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