Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pur Vegan Chewing Gum

Pur is a new Vegan gum from Switzerland. Besides being Vegan, it's gluten free, nut free, aspartame free and has no GMO ingredients. I gave up normal gum a long time ago because Aspartame gave me headaches. I also disliked the numerous ingredients I couldn't pronounce. So to have a gum out there that promotes themselves as Vegan and doesn't include Aspartame is a win-win for me.

Out of the four kinds of gum, I enjoyed the Pomegranate gum the most. It started off with an amazing burst of pomegranate flavor but sadly it dies off after 3 minutes or so. The Spearmint and Peppermint both had great natural flavor and freshened up my mouth. They seemed to last a little longer than the Pomegranate. And last but not least was the Excitement gum. It wasn't really my cup of tea. It tasted anise-like but not quite. I was waiting for the flavor to go away on this one.

It's really hard for me not to like gum that advertises itself as Vegan but I really wanted the flavor to last longer. How they might be able to do that I don't know, but if they can do it I would be more than happy to buy Pur on a regular basis.


  1. I'm so excited to find out about this as I've been looking for a gum like this. Where would you find it in the US do you think?

  2. I haven't seen them in a store yet but Pangea has it!

  3. I buy lots from them as my area doesn't have a lot of specialty food. Thanks!

  4. That is actually pretty neat.

  5. I love the Pomegranate Pur Gum, but cannot find it anywhere, even when I travel. Thanks for letting me know I can order it online at Pangea, John!

  6. What is this gum made of? What are the ingredients?



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