Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amy's Kitchen Proof of Purchase Giveaway 2013

Most of you know what the deal is with Amy's Kitchen Proof of Purchase Program. I've blogged about it a few times: here, here and here. Those little squares are worth something! If you go through Amy's products like I do, then you'll be able to get some cool swag. It would be nice if more companies had a program like this! I recently redeemed a TON of points and I thought I would share my winnings with you...literally! With a giveaway.
All you have to do is tell me your favorite Amy's product and if you would rather have the pizza board or the soup bowls. That's it! It doesn't get any lazier than that. Well, you have to fight past the captcha, but then I know you REALLY wanna win. The giveaway ends Wednesday, January 16th at 7pm CST. Good luck!


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