Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Vegan Easter Bunny 2012

It's hard to believe it, but Easter is almost upon us. The Vegan Easter Bunny is all packed up and ready to deliver his basket of goodies. This year I found a couple of new things that, if you act quickly, can be part of your Easter celebration! But let's start with an old favorite...

Sweet and Sara Easter Peepers & Skippers. I'm not sure how you can have Easter without these! Sweet, sugary marshmallow to remind you of your childhood.

Lagusta's Luscious English Cream Egg. A Vegan version of the Cadburry Egg is one of the most requested candies ever. Lagusta comes through with a decadent cream filled organic chocolate egg. The gooey white and yellow center is divine.

Yum Earth Naturals Sour Beans. A delicious new twist on an Easter classic! I'm seriously addicted to these. They remind me of Tearjerkers (which I used to buy in bulk in the early 90's) but in jellybean form. Buy at least two bags, trust me.

Candy Tree Organic Mixed Fruit Toffee. These are some really unique toffees! Flavored by fruit juices and made with organic ingredients, these will be a hit with kids and adults. The five flavors are black current, cherry, lemon, strawberry and orange.

Divvies Super Stars. Mmmm! Little star jellies that have popsicle flavors. I swear, you will think that you are eating orange, grape, lime, cherry or lemon popsicles! So good.

Lagusta's Luscious Chocolate Matzo Toffee. And last but not least, I wanted a treat for all of you that are celebrating Passover. These are off the hook crazy! I've had motzo, but nothing like this. Motzo with toffee and chocolate drippings will make anyone go Jewish!


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