Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Delicious Almond Milk Ice Cream

A couple of days ago I received two mammoth boxes from So Delicious. Inside were all of So Delicious's new Almond Milk offerings. Today I'm delving into the Almond Milk Ice Creams.

Butter Pecan- I don't like nuts in ice cream but this has to be my first exception. Tasty pecans surrounded by rich butterscotch ice cream. Really good, rich, caramel flavor. I'm sure Butter Pecan fans will approve!

Vanilla- No surprise here, the Vanilla is delish. Dare I even say I like it as much as the Soy Vanilla? It's definitely in the same class.

Chocolate- Chocolate is probably my least favorite ice cream in general. I liked this well enough though, just nothing I would eat on a regular basis.

Cherry Amaretto- I'm really diggin' the Cherry Amaretto! I'm gonna go on limb and say I like it better that the coconut stuff. It's a cherry explosion! Lots of tart, sweet, juicy cherries in a creamy almond ice cream.

Mocha Almond Fudge- Coffee ice cream with a hint of cocoa, with lots of toasty almonds and a ribbon of fudge. Someone finished this off in a day. Not naming names.

Overall I enjoyed the Almond flavors. I fact, I may preferred it to the coconut and soy counterparts. At the end of the day I'm excited that there is yet another Vegan alternative!


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