Monday, March 12, 2012

So Delicious Almond Plus Almond Milk

Finally at the end of this long, windy So Delicious Almond Milk road is -- surprise, surprise -- actual Almond Milk! I've been exclusively drinking almond milk now for the last three years, so I'm very familiar with how amazing it is. So Delicious is new to this almond milk game, and they're offering two flavors, Vanilla and Original.

The interesting thing about both flavors is the amount of protein per cup. Compared to another almond milk brand, the So Delicious Almond Milk is 5 grams protein per cup vs. 1 gram of protein. That's quite a difference! Added pea and rice protein help to fortify the milk. Starting with the Vanilla, to me is tastes like a melted milkshake. Which isn't bad if you want to drink it straight. It's a pretty good option for people who like sweetness in their milk. The Original is a little less sweet but still flavorful enough to drink straight. I tried it on cereal and it was perfect. And the true test was using the Original flavor in a recipe. My girlfriend (aka the best cook in the world) used it in a test recipe for Pineapple Upside Down Cake and it turned out beautifully. So Original is a-ok for baking.

And now we've come to the end of my So Delicious Almond reviews. I want to thank So Delicious for sending all of these products to me! It's pretty exciting to get two huge boxes of goodies sent right to your door. And the best part is that the products are amazing and I think people will really enjoy them. Look for them at a store near you!


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