Monday, September 23, 2013

No Whey! Halloween Chocolates

One of the drawbacks of having Vegan MoFo in September is less Halloween blogging. I'm hoping to remedy that with this No Whey! Chocolates Halloween post. I've known about No Whey! for about a year and I love their seasonal treats. They're straight outta Cleveland, so I can feel the Midwest Vegan love. Here's a few of the Halloween goodies they have to offer this year!

These Spooky's Oh's are Newman O's dipped in light chocolate. On top of the cookie is a little Halloween ghost or bat. As you can see, I had to have a little taste during the photo session. Holy crap are these good! I can't tell you the Weight Watchers points on these, but boy is it ever worth it.

The Nut Butter Crisps are big chocolate bars with a nut toffee added to the bar. I was going to compare it to another candy but I'm at a loss. If you like chocolate and nuts, you'd probably dig these.  

The Rice Crisps remind me of Nestle Crunch bars, only smaller size. Every trick or treaters dream! Do yourself a favor and check out No Whey! Chocolates today!


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