Thursday, September 19, 2013

Amy's Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano Dinner

I've always thought that Amy's had the best Vegan frozen dinners overall. Do I need to list them? From the Black Bean Enchilada Dinner, to the Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze, the Roasted Vegetable Tamale and last but not least, the Tofu Scramble. Now comes their new line of  Light & Lean frozen dinners, and I started my taste test with the Spaghetti Italiano Dinner. I love spaghetti, so I'm all about it. My only concern is the "Light & Lean" tag. Would the reduced fat/calories be a taste killer? Would I turn into a new-age health foodie? Good questions!    

Well, not shockingly, the Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano Dinner is excellent. Maybe I'm drinking the Amy's Kool-Aid, but I can barely notice that the dinner is low fat/reduced calorie. Everything is tasty and satisfying. The "meatballs" were especially a surprise. Made out of lentils, tofu and quinoa, the meatless meatball were very filling. The sauce was tangy and the pasta was nice and firm. Even the broccoli was good for a frozen dinner. I think it's fair to add the Spaghetti Italiano Dinner to the exclusive list of Amy's best frozen dinners. What is your favorite Amy's dinner?  


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