Thursday, September 19, 2013

Amy's Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano Dinner

I've always thought that Amy's had the best Vegan frozen dinners overall. Do I need to list them? From the Black Bean Enchilada Dinner, to the Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze, the Roasted Vegetable Tamale and last but not least, the Tofu Scramble. Now comes their new line of  Light & Lean frozen dinners, and I started my taste test with the Spaghetti Italiano Dinner. I love spaghetti, so I'm all about it. My only concern is the "Light & Lean" tag. Would the reduced fat/calories be a taste killer? Would I turn into a new-age health foodie? Good questions!    

Well, not shockingly, the Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano Dinner is excellent. Maybe I'm drinking the Amy's Kool-Aid, but I can barely notice that the dinner is low fat/reduced calorie. Everything is tasty and satisfying. The "meatballs" were especially a surprise. Made out of lentils, tofu and quinoa, the meatless meatball were very filling. The sauce was tangy and the pasta was nice and firm. Even the broccoli was good for a frozen dinner. I think it's fair to add the Spaghetti Italiano Dinner to the exclusive list of Amy's best frozen dinners. What is your favorite Amy's dinner?  


  1. They're good, but the portion is teeny tiny. Which is the light and lean part, I suppose.

    1. Haha, good point! I guess I didn't notice because I ate it as a snack before dinner. Make it a whole dinner with a little garlic bread :)

  2. I used to buy Amy's products all the time when I worked in an office and needed reliable vegan options for lunches... but nowadays I usually just make salad or have leftovers... so it's been years since I've bought anything other than their pizzas.

  3. I am such an amy's lover, I an totally going to be trying this one!



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