Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gardein Holiday Roast

As crazy as it sounds, I've never had a faux turkey. Thanksgiving is one of my least liked holidays, so I usually rock some tacos or something non-traditional that day. But while shopping yesterday, I came upon all three of the major faux turkeys: Tofurky, Field Roast and Gardein. So I decided right then and there that I was going to try all three in one season. My first attempt is with the most recent addition, the Gardein Holiday Roast!

Right out of the box, you get the faux turkey and a couple packs of gravy. I added some broccoli and roasted potatoes to round out the meal. To prepare, you roast it in a casserole, covered with tin foil, for an hour. The gravy is thawed and microwaved. It was pretty easy!

The Holiday Roast is a decent size, I'd say it could feed three or four very easily. The flavor of the "turkey" part of the roast was a bit bland, but some pepper livened it up. The inside of the roast was very flavorful, stuffing with cranberries tucked in the center. I enjoyed the gravy too, and it seems like they give you enough because I used a ton and still had some left over. Also to its credit, it was the cheapest of the three brands.

Without having the other two faux turkeys, it's hard for me to say how it compares. But I will say that if you like Gardein, you'll love this loaf. The blandness was kind of a bummer but is easily correctable with a little seasoning. The center is delicious, the gravy is plentiful and the price is right. Enjoy!


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