Sunday, April 8, 2012

Obsessive Confection Disorder Easter 'Veggs'

Today is Easter and, yes, I've done Easter candy posts for the past two years (2012 and 2011), but I have just one more left in me. Obsessive Confection Disorder has come up with an adorable candy assortment inside an unused egg carton. Inside the 'Veggs' carton you'll find six caramels (two vanilla, two lavender and two agave lime), six pieces of WTFudge and two salted caramel lollis.

What a cute assortment of candy! WTFudge is buttery, chocolaty and delicious, studded with fun crispy stuff like potato chips and rice krispies. It also has pecans and toasted coconut. Somehow all of the flavors really manage to shine through. It's addictive! I've had the caramels a few times now and as always they're rich, creamy, chewy and tasty.

An up close look inside an egg reveals some delicious WTFudge with some caramel on the side.
Thank you to OCD for coming up with innovative and delicious Vegan treats!


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