Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Shrimp

I posted a pic of Sophie's Kitchen Breaded Vegan Shrimp on the Laziest Vegans Facebook page a couple weeks ago and it got some pretty strong responses! I decided to buy these because I liked shrimp back when I ate meat and I was curious about how a fake shrimp would taste. I could care less about the connotations of eating "fake" meat. If it gets someone who loves seafood to go Vegan, I'm all for it.

You can either bake or fry the shrimp. I baked them because, shockingly, I don't have a deep fat fryer. The first bite was a little interesting. The breaded part of the shrimp is delicious but the shrimp part was tough, kinda like rubber. Perhaps if I fried the shrimp it might have been softer. I hate to diss a product, but Sophie's needs to work on the consistency of the actual shrimp. I didn't end up finishing my plate because eating became too cumbersome. My hope is that they can reformulate their recipe and I can leave them a glowing review.


  1. I tried their filets the other day in my fishless tacos go-to recipe. I think I'll stick with gardein crispy chipotle-lime fingers for that though. (Or, if I were an ambitious vegan instead of a lazy one, I would marinate tofu, beer batter it, and deep fry it and use that. I bet that would be delicious. Alas!)

  2. There's a veg restaurant in San Diego called Sipz and they serve something very similar to this (I wonder if it's the same product). Very good. =)

  3. Too bad you didn't like these much. I bought a pack last fall and I really loved them. Even my omni boyfriend couldn't get enough of them.

    I bought the fish filets today, but I haven't tried them yet.

  4. Im sorry you may have cooked them incorrectly, i am a recently converted Veganinthemaking and they are DELICIOUS i really think you should bake and check your temperature OR minutes you are cooking the product

  5. First few packs I bought were amazing. After that, they still tasted great, but I get like violently nauseous about an hour afterwards.



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