Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almond Dream Lil' Dreamers

Being so impressed with the Rice Dream Bites, I've made it a point not to overlook the "Dream" brand as I have in the past. My next conquest is Almond Dream Lil' Dreamers. I've always had mad love for ice cream sandwiches, so I was hoping they wouldn't disappoint. There is just something special about ice cream sandwiches to me.

They're delicious! My first impression was that they're very rich. The cookie part was nice and soft and the almond ice cream was a pleasant surprise. I wouldn't mind more Almond Dream stuff in the future. Lil' Dreamers are obviously small, which is good if you want a quick dessert. But a word of warning, you're gonna eat the whole box. So if you love ice cream sandwiches like I do, then pick up some Almond Dream Lil' Dreamers!


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