Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rice Dreams Bites

I was recently on vacation in Columbus, Ohio and stopped by a Kroger grocery store. I was excited about the amount of Vegan friendly convenience foods. While browsing the frozen section, I saw these Rice Dream Bites staring me down. Buying groceries on vacation usually doesn't work because you don't have a kitchen in your hotel room and you are lucky to even have a fridge. So in my head I figured I'd be able to polish off these Rice Dream Bites since they're in bite size form and won't melt as quickly as a normal pint.

So I took a chance and purchased them. My calculations were correct, they didn't melt on me and I didn't even need a spoon. They were so freakin' good! It's basically a chocolate covered ice cream bon bon. The hard chocolate shell with the yummy vanilla Rice Dream was heavenly. To tell the truth, I bought these twice, once I ate them all by myself and the second time I shared.


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