Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet & Sara Marshmallows

The first time I ever had something from Sweet & Sara was in February 2009. I was in Milwaukee for a Cradle of Filth/ Satyricon concert and I was lucky enough to visit the Vegan Essentials warehouse. Once inside, I bought every single Vegan item I've always wanted, like Supermarket Sweepstakes. I spotted some Sweet & Sara Smores in a refrigerator. I'd heard about Sweet & Sara goodies but there was no place in Omaha to purchase them (still isn't!) and I was always reluctant about ordering temperature sensitive food. I remember when I opened up the smore and sank my teeth in...whoa! So decadent and so good. Long story short, I always have that memory when I talk about Sweet & Sara. My second encounter with Sweet & Sara was in Hawaii where I got the Toasted Coconut Marshmallows. Delicious! That box was gone in like a hour. Anyways, I really love Sweet & Sara and I hope the Whole Foods in Omaha wakes up and starts carrying her stuff.

The Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter Smore. I think if the world knew being Vegan doesn't limit you from eating something like this, we'd have it made. Yummy chocolate covered graham cookie with a peanut butter and marshmallow filling. Dear lord.

Sweet & Sara's Mini Marshmallows. They taste super close to the ones I ate as a kid and tiny enough for a warm mug of cocoa!

Sweet & Sara's Strawberry Marshmallows. A gourmet marshmallow that has real strawberries. Very strawberrish and very good! I've heard a rumor of them being seasonal but as of January 9th, I can find them all over online.

The Sweet & Sara Variety Sampler. In the sampler you get Vanilla, Roasted Coconut, Cinnamon Pecan and Strawberry. These are really nice if you can't commit to just one flavor. Out of the four, I'm gonna have to say the Cinnamon Pecan was my favorite. It could be because I've never had it before, or it was just that good.


  1. Can you belieeeve I haven't tried anything from the renowned Sweet & Sarah Co.? I'm ashamed. Cinnamon Pecan sounds fantabulous!

    And Cradle of Filth?! This is getting creepy, "bro"... :P

  2. No, you're right - the cinnamon pecan are the best.

  3. Make sure you get one of those sample packs, sooo good. And yes, your bro is a tad creepy.

  4. Thanks Sarah! The reason I questioned myself is because I'm not normally pecan fan, but these are super delish.

  5. ummm... i WANT that peanut butter smore...

  6. I love Sweet & Sara marshmallows and Smores! They are divine! I even put the Smores in the microwave for 15 seconds and the marshmallow puffed like a cloud and the chocolate melted all over it. It was amazing!

  7. I haven't tried their marshmallows yet but I do so love the Smores!!!



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