Friday, January 28, 2011

The Canadiana Chocolate Bar

Earlier this month I interviewed Sarah Kramer for my Laziest Vegans Top Ten and she mentioned the Organic Fair Candiana bar was her favorite chocolate bar of all time. I was interested to see if it was really that good. Sarah, being the sweet person she is, sent me a bar to see what I thought.

I know at some point I've stated I'm not the biggest chocolate fan BUT when chocolate is mixed with something I love it. One example I can think of is Nestle Crunch. The rice and chocolate combination is off the hook. So when I bit into the Candiana I was pleasantly surprised that it had a little crunch. The reason for that is the sundried apples mixed into the bar. Also the maple syrup and alder smoked salt really shine through. If you are looking for a chocolate bar that is different from the rest of the pack, pick up a couple Candianas! They are for sale at Sarah's Place right now. Thank you Sarah for introducing me to these delicious bars.


  1. Ohhh. I love chocolate bars and this one needs to find its way into my grubby hands pronto.

  2. sundried apple, maple syrup and salt in chocolate!?! whoa....I gotta try this

  3. Holy crap, that sounds like a good chocolate bar! Salt and chocolate is my new jam. I'm obsessed with the sea salt and dark chocolate bars from World Market.

    The combo of smoked salt, apple, and maple sounds out of this world!



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