Sunday, March 2, 2014

So Delicious Coconut Milk Organic Minis

Is it ever the wrong time of year for So Delicious Minis? Apparently not, because So Delicious has just released three new Coconut Milk Minis flavors! In the past, there have been Almond Milk Minis and Agave Sweetened & Chocolate Covered Minis (all which were DELICIOUS.) The new flavors are Simply Strawberry, Fudge Bar and Just Java. I'm a sucker for ice cream bars and I love that there's so many options out there now. I appreciate So Delicious sending me a box of each to review. So despite the sub zero temps (in Omaha at least) let's try these Minis out!

Let's start with my favorite, Simply Strawberry. I'm always a sucker for strawberry anyways, but this really was my jam. To me, it tastes like strawberry Julius bars. If you even slightly like s-berries, you'll love 'em. My next favorite is the Fudge Bar, this one is pretty self explanatory. A yummy chocolate bar. Nothing new, but I'm diggin' it. The last of the new Minis bars is Just Java. It's a coffee tinged bar. Not really my style, but you java lovers will be into it. Talk about a wide spectrum of flavors!

So no matter your flavor preference, there is a Minis out there for you.  


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