Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sjaak's Vegan Easter Organic Chocolate Bunny & Basket

What's Easter without a giant chocolate bunny? Exactly. So I went to go find one. But that wasn't enough, I found a chocolate bunny filled with gummy bears. And on top of that, I found a dark chocolate basket with a tiny bunny in it. Does it get any cuter than that? As it turns out, Sjaak's has a ton of awesome Vegan Easter stuff.

The Organic Chocolate Easter Basket with Bunny and Eggs is adorable. Everything is edible except for the green "grass" and the egg wrappers. You can get it in dark or "milk" chocolate. Buy two so the bunny can have a friend.

Now for the greatest invention ever, the Organic Chocolate Bunny Filled with Gummy Bears. You're like, how is that even possible? But it is. Crack that sucker open and gummy bears come out. And they say Veganism is boring. Yeah right, thanks Sjaak's!


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