Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Laziest Vegans Top Ten Asks Bianca Phillips

Bianca Phillips is the creator of the amazing blog Vegan Crunk, where her love of the Dirty South shines through. On any given day you might see a recipe for Vegan Deviled Eggs, the latest review of a Memphis restaurant or the spotlight on new Vegan convenience foods. When Bianca isn't blogging, she's writing for the Memphis Flyer, specializing in LGBT, progressive and environmental issues. I've never met Bianca personally, but that will change in August when she joins me at Vida Vegan Con in Portland, Oregon. And last but not least, Bianca has an adorable cat named Gelfling. So now it's time to get Crunk, go Bianca!

What is your favorite store-bought veggie burger?
Hard decision, but definitely one of the Amy's frozen patty flavors. I love the Texas Barbecue, but the Quarter Pounders are mighty satisfying. I'm also a fan of the taste of the Soyboy Okara Courage Burgers, but the patties are little too small for my monster appetite.

What is you favorite frozen dinner?
Hands down, the Amy's Vegan Macaroni & Cheese! I love homemade vegan mac & cheese, but no homemade version can top the frozen Amy's mac. It's made with ungodly amounts of Daiya cheddar, so it's uber-creamy. If I made mac with Daiya at home, I think I'd be nervous about using as much as the Amy's folks do because it's a total calorie bomb. But when Amy's does it for me, I feel like it's out of my hands and I'm free to pig out.

What is your favorite ice cream?
I'm a big fan of Turtle Mountain's Purely Decadent Turtle Trails, a vanilla soy cream with a caramel ribbon and chocolate-coated pralines. Also love, love, love Tofutti Cuties in any flavor.

What is your favorite chip or cracker?
Eco-Planet Vegan Cheddar Crackers totally rule my world!! Also, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are a very guilty pleasure! I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.

What is your favorite cereal?
You know, I don't think I really have a favorite cereal. I buy a different brand and flavor every time, so I won't get bored. But the Whole Foods brand of cocoa puffs and anything by Barbara's Bakery are pretty awesome.

What is your favorite candy?
For chocolate, that would have to be Sjaak's Organic Peanut Butter Bites. They're like mini vegan pb cups. OMG! And for fruity candy, I'm a diehard fan of both Sour Patch Kids and the new vegan Skittles.

What is your favorite cookie?
Liz Lovely Cowboy Cookies are an all-time fave! But I also love Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies!

What three pre-packaged food items would you take to a desert island?
A package of Daiya mozzarella shreds (which I would totally eat with my hands, cold and straight out of the bag), a jar of Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful, and a bag of Kookie Karma Cheesy Kale Krackers (best kale chips ever!)

Name a product you would like Veganized?
I really wish someone would invent vegan sour cream & onion potato chips! And vegan ranch tortilla chips!

What are your favorite local and/or online stores for Vegan products?
I alternate my orders from Food Fight, Vegan Essentials, and Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe. Locally, only the Memphis Whole Foods has a good vegan product selection, so I shop there.

And that concludes The Laziest Vegans Top Ten. Thanks Bianca!


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