Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amy's Gluten Free Bistro Burger

I had a grillout/picnic recently at my house and two of the guests were Celiacs. Knowing this, I had to find a gluten free veggie burger. I've heard of Amy's Bistro Burgers before, but I wasn't sure if I could find them here in town. Luckily my Whole Foods had them in stock so I got some along with a box of my favorite veggie burger in the world, Amy's California Burger. So everyone wins but I was dying to know, how good is this gluten free burger?

The Bistro burgers were on the grill first so there wouldn't be any cross contamination. Once they were done, I put them to the side and fired up the Cali burgers. Now it's time for a little taste assessment. I dressed up the Bistro burger first in lettuce, mustard, Veganaise and ketchup. With the first bite I was in love. I couldn't believe how delicious it was! Yeah, cooking on the grill enhances the flavor quite a bit, but wow was it ever good. I did notice more of a crisp texture compared to the Cali burger but I felt that was a positive thing. I've noticed things sometimes have a "Gluten-Free taste" but the Bistro totally didn't. The Bistro's ingredients include brown rice, pinto beans and mushrooms, which turned out to be a brilliant combination. I'm super loyal to my California burger but I wouldn't mind a Bistro burger every once in a while.


  1. I've tried these and I LOVE em! Amy's veggie burgers are the best. Sadly, I brought an Amy's frozen dinner to work for lunch today, and when I bought it, I somehow forgot to check the label (bad vegan!). It was loaded with dairy! It was the Southern dinner (with beans and cornnbread, greens, and sweet potatoes) ... it looked dairy-free in the picture. Damn. I had to give it away and eat a stupid plain salad for lunch. :-(

  2. It seems like Amy's is making more and more stuff gluten free. yeah!
    I feel like such a geek for giving up gluten, as if people didn't already question the vegan thing. But glad there is more stuff coming out that is both!

  3. I really like the Quarter Pounder Amy's Burgers(w/ fries and a soymilkshake on the side), other burgers just aren't big enough.



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