Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amy's Gluten Free Baked Ziti Kids Meal

I think it's fair to say that I'm an Amy's Kitchen fan. Except for their new-new stuff, I've had all of their Vegan offerings. The one thing I know I've never had is their Baked Ziti Kids Meal. My local Whole Foods has had them for a while so I decided enough is enough. After all, I'm a kid in a 32 year old's body.

So you may already be familiar with the Baked Ziti from the grown up version. It's just as good here with its Vegan mozzarella, sweet red sauce and tasty noodles. Joining the ziti is broccoli, rice focaccia (aka bread) and apple crisp. While the apple crisp was delicious, the bread and broccoli were just ok. This is most likely due to my dinner being a tad overcooked. That's because I used the oven when I would normally use the microwave. For a Kid's Meal I found it a little complicated to cook the bread separate. Maybe it's me just being lazy, but I can't imagine a kid microwaving the dinner according to the directions. Barring the harder than usual directions, the Amy's Baked Ziti Kids Meal is an excellent Vegan choice for your little munchkin.

And I saved the best part for last! Look at the inside of the box and you'll find a coloring page. In my case, there was a scarecrow. Watch out for brown and pink squirrels raiding your garden, for real.


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