Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kettle Tias! Salsa Picante Chips

Sometimes a product is so awesome I jump in the air and high five the invisible Vegan gods. This bag of Kettle Tias! Salsa Picante Chips is such an example. I noticed the colorful bag in the chip aisle and just assumed they weren't Vegan. To my delightful surprise they were animal product free!

When I got home I had to know how good these things were. I mean, are they Doritoish? Do they have any flavor? Did I waste my money? Well Kettle hasn't failed me yet so I opened the bag optimistically. From the first bite I knew these were the chips I was waiting for. The cheesy spiciness hit me and sent me back to my 4th grade lunch room. These are the closest to Vegan Doritos without a doubt. I'm going to start 2011 with a new favorite chip!

Congrats Kettle, please keep them coming!



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