Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meatless Select Fishless Tuna

I've had this Meatless Select Fishless Tuna from Atlantic Natural Foods on my radar for awhile now, but I was having trouble finding it. I ended up getting a can from Vegan Essentials, but it looks like it is also available from other online and brick & mortar retailers. Tuna was one of the last things I gave up before going Vegetarian and it was one of my favorite meals, totally easy to make and super convenient. So I'm pretty much destined to try faux tuna!

Opening and draining the can definitely brought back memories. It even had a bit of that fishy smell that would cause your cats to go nuts. I drained the liquid out of the can and then mixed the tuna in a bowl with some Vegenaise. Then I lightly toasted some bread, cut some lettuce and put it all together.

So, let's start with the good. Texture-wise, I thought it was similar to real tuna. Perhaps not as dense, but close enough for me. Taste-wise, I thought it was lacking in the tuna tasting department. It needed some brininess, or something to tart it up a bit. Some spices or oil might have helped, but right out of the can it just wasn't the best. I still think it's worth trying, just have your expectations in check.


  1. do you remember tuno? morningstar farms made it and it was pretty widely available. it made, imo, a great sandwich. they stopped selling it a few years ago. i have no idea why.

    1. No, I sure don't! You'd think there would be more alternatives out there.

  2. I got a can of this in my VeganCuts snack box, but I cannot bring myself to try it. That said, I have never been a fan of anything edible that comes from the sea. I can't even enjoy seaweed. The whole thing is just a giant blech for me.

  3. I got some to sample too!
    And it seemed very UNlike the tuna I remember (but I maybe had tuna twice in my life so don't judge).
    Anyway, so I mixed mine with some seaweed bits, (crumbled nori) a little lemon juice, salt and Vegenaise;
    Tasted very "tuna-like" after that doctoring up, but if you have to go to that much trouble, it doesn't seem worth it.
    Your call I guess.
    (And YES! I remember the "Tuno" product and it was really good!!)

  4. I made a tuna casserole with this stuff and it was okay. You're right, decent texture but not nearly enough tuna flavor, however, in a pinch it filled that void a bit. I used to eat tuna cass. waaay too often; loved it (that and cottage cheese, which there is just no vegan sub for) and I thought I would never have it again, so it's nice to know I can (even if I probably won't very often). But as I was making the casserole, I remember saying to myself that I wouldn't want to use it for a straight-up sandwich.

  5. My cats totally think it's real. I enjoyed it enough to buy another couple cans for the days when tuna salad on crackers is the only thing that will do.

  6. i have been looking all over for some good veggie tuna, but the few i have tried failed me. maybe this will be the winner?

  7. I reeeeally wanna try this stuff. I used to love tuna!

  8. I tried it after seeing it here and on another vegan blog review. I LOVE it! I guess I wasn't all that into the "fishy" taste of real tuna even when I did eat it - which is why I bought white albacore this, for me, is perfect. I mixed with veganaise, spicy mustard, salt, pepper, and diced dill pickles and ate it on Saltines and I was in heaven. Buying more to have on hand!

  9. Only been Vegan for a short while, so I am still in that 'trying to substitute food stage' Not tried this, but my wife makes a mean fake tuna mayo from the original Happy Herbivore with chickpeas....great for sandwiches



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