Sunday, August 11, 2013

Qrunch Spicy Italian Quinoa Burgers

I love quinoa, as I'm sure you do, too. Is there someone out there that hates quinoa? I hope not! If anything, I wish there was more readily available pre-packaged quinoa based meals. So with that said, I was eagerly anticipating these Spicy Italian Quinoa burgers from Qrunch. Everything about these burgers sound delicious to me. And since they are made with quinoa, they are gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and dairy-free. Perfect for almost anyone!    

The flavor is spicy without being too hot. I love topping it with Vegenaise, lettuce (or kale) and tomato to compliment the spice. The patty is pretty dense and very filling. I would describe it as breaded "chick'n"-like, crispy on the outside and soft inside. Their preferred method is an oven or skillet but I prefer a minute and a half in the microwave, even though they tell you not to. My only complaint would be the price ($7.50 or so for 4) but to me it's worth it. If you're ready to spice things up a bit, and want to try a different kind of veggie burger I think the Qrunch Spicy Italian Quinoa Burger is an awesome choice.


  1. I have a package of the Original in my freezer right now that I haven't tried yet. But I can say that you're getting ripped off there, my friend! I only paid $5 and the local store had them on sale for $4 just last week!

  2. Oh man, ours were 4.50 or so from Kroger (Ohio, USA) and we've bought these a few times recently. Loooove them. Delish!

  3. Yum! I keep seeing these in the grocery freezer section and I've been curious about them. I'll have to pick these up soon!

  4. yep, you sold me on this! looks incredible!

  5. These look delicious, but also... soft. Perhaps too soft for my liking. I'll check them out though, thanks for the review! In related news, this photo looks eerily similar to a photo I took in april:



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