Saturday, February 16, 2013

Girl Scout Thin Mints and Thanks-A-Lot Cookies

If you're American, I'm sure you're just like me and you grew up with Girl Scout Cookies. It was a once a year event that you anticipated for months. Looking though the order form, picking your favorites -- it was a ritual. Recently, the Girl Scouts have introduced a couple of Vegan cookies (depending on your location) so that we can continue to partake in this annual tradition. The two Vegan options that were available in the Omaha area were the Thin Mints and the Thanks-A-Lots.

I always get a kick when I see the word Vegan out in the non-Vegan world. It normalizes the word and makes it a lot less threatening. So chances are your mom or grandma saw the word Vegan and automatically thought of you! But anyway, on to the cookies...

Good ol' Thin Mints! Yes, these were my favorites growing up, hands down. I remember demolishing rows of these. But what do I think now? They're still minty! As far as I can tell, the taste remains the same. They obviously didn't need the dairy ingredients to taste good. If you've been waiting for a Vegan Thin Mint, your dreams have come true!

I have no idea if Thanks-A-Lots were around when I was young, but I don't remember them. Thanks-A-Lot is a gingerbread cookie with the bottom dipped in chocolate. It's a nice contrast and perfect for someone who doesn't want a totally chocolate cookie, but wouldn't mind a dab. I thought they were good! They didn't have the emotional ties the Thin Mints had, but it's still a cute little cookie none the less.

So the good news is it's 2013 and the Girl Scouts are promoting Vegan cookies. And one of those cookies is their best seller, the Thin Mint! What amazing times we live in.


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