Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trader Joe's Veggie Wrap With Hummus

I stopped by Trader Joe's the other day looking for a Vegan Falafel Wrap that @Raqueliiita posted on Twitter the other day. While I didn't find that Falafel Wrap, I found a Veggie Wrap With Hummus! For only $3.99 you get a ton of veggie wrap and should have more than enough to share.  So how does it taste?

With pre-packaged sandwiches you never know how fresh they will be. I've had a couple of airport sandwiches that were past their prime. I thought the Veggie Wrap was pretty fresh, and not soggy. It had tons of veggies and a liberal amount of hummus. Those were the pros. The cons: somehow the wrap was still a tad dry. I suspect it's because there are no tomatoes or sauce, maybe to keep it soggy-free. Also, I found it to be a touch bland. Perhaps TJ could add a little flavor to the hummus? Get some olives up in there or something?

So wrapping up, even with a couple of flaws, the Trader Joe's Hummus Wrap is a nice cheap meal in a jam. If you have a little time, add some tahini or tomatoes and it will be a more enjoyable experience.


  1. i used to get these all the time when i needed a quick meal to bring to work

  2. They have that here but it comes in a box with a sauce. I once got food poisoning from one...Sucked big time! :/

  3. They had the falafel one when I swung by yesterday. I bought it, but am saving it for dinner tonight so could not tell you about the taste.

    I agree with your take on the veggie hummus wrap though. Like almost all things I think hot sauce would have made it taste better.

    1. Going to TJ is like going to the flea market, you never know what they'll have.

  4. I am a trader joes fanatic!!
    The chickpea salad and stuffed grape leaves (both refrigerated section) are awesome, And new spinach/quinoa salad is recommended.
    Skip the frozen falafel they sell- sooooo dry and kinda greasey, havent seen the fresh falafel-wich around here (but there are a million places that sell it fresh made stupid cheap already)

  5. hey do you know now you can order your falafel online and there baked and they mixed them with vegetables and have all these cool flavors! I flipped when I tried these, it also comes with tahini and hot sauce on the side...soo good, I picked up a few at a matter of health on 1st ave in nyc, I never thought I would find an organic falafel!! and you can order from them direct @ www.SmartVeggieFalafel.com



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