Sunday, August 5, 2012

Obsessive Confection Disorder Fundraiser!

Earlier this month, Melodi Brooke Donahue from Obsessive Confection Disorder started a fundraiser to help fund new equipment to automate her candy making process. Melodi will be able quadruple her candy output and meet the demand for her delicious Vegan treats. For example, Melodi has an amazing Vegan "Twix" which I have sampled. She would love to offer this item on her website, but without automation, it would be impossible to fill all of the orders. I'm sure some of you have tried O.C.D.'s mouth watering caramels (which includes new flavors, apple and balsamic tomato) but there is more to O.C.D. then just caramel. Melodi gave me a couple of her new items to sample, which I hope you will be able try soon!

This is the Play Date, the Vegan version of a PayDay bar (mine a got a little melty due to this end of the world 150 degree heat outside). It's a yummy caramel peanut bar with ingredients such as coconut milk and fresh lemon juice. It also has some Vegan Bee Free Honee for you honey lovers out there. I'd love for Melodi to recreate every candy bar that others have ignored or passed over. 
This is something that isn't even on the website yet: Apricot Tequila Pate de Fruit. These little squares of fresh fruit are some chewy goodness. Melodi told me that the apricots are from her garden! I really thought these were divine. The only problem is there were only four and I ate them like there was no tomorrow.

Please check out the O.C.D. website for other goodies and better yet, consider donating to the Vegan caramel cause!


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