Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kashi Organic Simply Maize Cereal

Lately I've noticed Whole Foods getting exclusives on some products. Of course, the big one last year was the Candle Cafe Frozen Dinners. I guess this is good as long as you have a Whole Foods in your area, but it sucks if you live in Western Nebraska or some other Whole Foods forsaken place. Luckily I don't, and today I noticed a new Kashi cereal that seems to be a Whole Foods exclusive. It's called Kashi Simply Maize.

I usually dig any kind of corn cereal and this was no exception. What you get are slightly puffed up Organic corn flakes with a hint of molasses. And I do mean a hint; I added strawberries to sweeten it up a bit. The texture is pretty rustic, which may be a turn off to some. Every once in a while you get a piece of the corn kernel because it was minimally processed. It's pretty awesome that there are only four ingredients: Organic Whole Grain Corn, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Salt and Organic Molasses. So if you are looking for something heartier than corn flakes, give Simply Maize a shot. Oh, and it's also a pretty good dry snack for when you're typing a blog post.


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