Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eco Planet Vanilla Organic Cookies

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a sucker for cookies. Be it my Mom's, Isa's, ABC's, Liz Lovely's ....whatever, I just love them. Writing this post reminded me how much I loved those animal cookies with the pink frosting. Holy crap were those ever good! Or the grasshopper cookies with green frosting. I vividly remembering bringing those to Kindergarten to share with the other kids. MMMM! Ok, all I guess I'm trying to say is that cookies are the best and you just need to realize that.

So that brings us to the Eco Planet Vanilla Organic Cookies. These have to be some of the most adorable cookies I've ever seen. Aimed at kids (or adults like me), the cookies are shaped in eco-friendly symbols. And the best part is that they taste awesome. Yummy vanilla wafers of goodness!

Aren't these cute or what! So you have the sun, I assume representing solar power. Next is the wind turbine representing wind power. Anytime I see one of those for real, I'm so amazed. I'd love to see more of our energy produced by the wind. There are a ton of those things in Iowa, not so much in Nebraska. Kind of a bummer. Anyway...cute cookie #3 is the electric car. Hopefully we'll all be driving one of these soon. Or walking. Or riding a bike. Whatever you prerogative is. And last but not least is Mother Earth. So not only are these wonderful tasting cookies, they are a great lesson about the environment.


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