Monday, December 5, 2011

The Laziest Vegans Top Ten Asks Quarrygirl

Quarrygirl is the creator of the recently retired QG provided an amazing blog and restaurant guide for the Los Angeles area and beyond. When I started having the idea for Vegan Omaha, was a huge inspiration. While QG is no longer actively blogging, the blog archives can be found here. Also, she's still spreading the good word via Twitter.

So pour a lil' almond milk to the ground for Quarrygirl and check out her favorite Vegan convenience foods!

What is your favorite store-bought veggie burger?
I really don't do veggie burgers at home very often, but when I do, I'm all about the original vegan Boca Burgers in bulk from Costco. They're super cheap, they taste decent, they're easy to make, and they only have like 100 calories in them? How is that even possible?

What is you favorite frozen dinner?
Pretty much anything made by Amy's. My all time favorite is actually a breakfast---does that count? It's the Tofu Scramble with Hash Browns and Vegetables.

What is your favorite ice cream?
Lula's in NYC, no question. But if it must be store bought, better pecan by Tofutti! I'm old school.

What is your favorite chip or cracker?
Jalapeno Heat Dirty Chips. I got introduced to these at Ike's Place in San Francisco, and I haven't tried anything better since.

What is your favorite cereal?
I honestly haven't eaten cereal in years, and I don't have a favorite. I prefer my breakfasts heated!

What is your favorite candy?
For chocolate based candy, Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. For non chocolate, Gummy Summer Peaches by Goody Good Stuff!

What is your favorite cookie?
Alternative Baking Company. Any flavor, any day of the week.

What three pre-packaged food items would you take to a desert island?
Can we pretend I have hot water or a microwave on the island? McDougall Chicken Flavor Ramen---I could eat that forever and never get sick of it. I'd also take some Secret Aardvark habanero sauce because I'm a capsicum addict. And of course, my favorite vegan product, Food For Lovers queso to drink by the jar…and pour into my ramen.

Name a product you would like Veganized?
You know that pancake stuff at the supermarket that comes in a spray can? I want them to veganize THAT. When that gets veganized, I know we've arrived.

What are your favorite local and/or online stores for Vegan products?
In LA, I love Locali and Figueroa Produce. Online, I'm all about Food Fight and Vegan Essentials.

And that concludes The Laziest Vegans Top Ten. Thanks Quarrygirl!


  1. I always check that pancake can to see if it's vegan when I see it at the co-op.

  2. I'm so gonna try pouring Food for Lovers queso in my Ramen.

  3. I wish I liked the Food for Lovers queso. I was so excited when my Whole Foods had it, but to me it tasted more like mustard and a bit of relish mixed together and was really watery. :( I'm gonna have to try Nacho Mom's next.

  4. Ok, I've never even heard of that Batter Blaster stuff. That's funny it looks like Cheeze Whiz. I suppose the theme of this blog is lazy cooking but that packaging is very wasteful! I thought the big jugs of pancake mix where you just add water into the jugs were lazy.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on this one John. I need to devour her blog before I head back out to Cali in a few weeks. Ahhh 10 days in warm weather. What will I do with myself besides BBQ and have bonfires like it is the end of summer here?

  6. OMG, I thought I was the only one crazy about those Gummies! The only place I ever find them is in LAX airport!

  7. Damn Lex! And I am flying into and out of Orange County.



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