Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gardein Buffalo Wings & FYH Vegan Ranch

Finally working my way to other Gardein items, my next choice was the Gardein Classic Style Buffalo Wings. I never had actual buffalo wings so I'm not the best judge of how authentic they taste. But they look good on the cover and I could go for some spicy stuff.

Apparently people eat buffalo wings with ranch so I didn't want to be left out. Follow Your Heart has an amazing Vegan Ranch that is sure to knock you socks off. It's great on salads too, (so I hear).

Anyways, so what did I think of the Buffalo Wings? They were good but I have a few complaints. Comparing them to the Gardien Crispy Tenders, they are a bit tougher and not as breaded. Also they didn't come out of the oven as saucy as on the packaging, but I added a bit of Frank's Red Hot and obviously the FYH Vegan Ranch.

If I didn't have those two additions I might have been a little disappointing, but I did so I wasn't. So bottom line: They are good, but they won't ever replace the Crispy Tenders in my freezer.


  1. These are my go-to vegan "wings". I've always fried/sauteed them in a pan. That way they don't get tough and you can control how much sauce stays on them easier. Maybe try that next time. Either way, I need to try that ranch now. Thanks!

  2. I am glad to know about the vegan ranch! Someone just asked me the other day if there was a good one and I had no idea. I thought the wings were pretty good but I too covered them in Franks.

  3. They serve them at the Yardhouse restaurant and they are SOOOO good. I think they do something different to them. You can also order them with different types of spiciness (like Jamaican jerk). However, they don't have vegan ranch. :(

  4. When I tried these they were waaaaay too spicy. i haven't heard this complaint from anyone else though so I wonder if they changed their recipe or I'm just too sensitive.

    My vastly preferred wing is the breaded gardein tenders tossed in a sauce of Earth Balance, Frank's red hot, catsup, and liquid sweetener. (from the 'zine "Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk"...your gf probably has it somewhere!) It's not AS quick to throw together, but it's close and well worth it.

  5. these are my favorite. Problem is, Friday I went to 4 stores and everyone was out. So sad :(

  6. I can't find these buffalo "wings" anymore but loved them when I had them! I cooked mine in a skillet then added the sauce so they looked similar to the package for me. As far as the tenders, I do love those as well and have made my own how tenders with franks & vegan butter. Either way, Gardein makes the buffalo wing experience possible for vegans. And for that, we thank you!! <3



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