Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl of Nachos!

**Update 12/19/11**

It seems Nacho Mom's used some unethical business practices against Food For Lovers. Please think twice before purchasing Nacho Mom's.

Growing up in Nebraska, I was a hardcore Cornhuskers fan (which is pretty much law out here) and then in my teenage years I got into the Washington Redskins. I'm not into football these days and honestly I couldn't tell you the last Super Bowl I watched (I have a feeling it involved the Cowboys and it was the 90's). So I find myself in a strange situation where I'm having a Super Bowl party (thanks Veganette). I don't really care about the game but I do care about the food! Nacho Mom's generously sent 2 jars of their Vegan Queso for me to test drive. And since I had so much luck with Kettle Tias! Salsa Picante Chips, I decided to dip the Queso with Kettle Tias! Roasted Corn Chips. Let's get this Queso heated up and let the games begin!

So I warmed up Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso and Fire Roasted Queso and did a little taste testing. The Ultimate Vegan Queso lives up to it's name! Rich Cheesy flavor with a kick. I only used it for dipping but I'm sure they would be great in tacos. The Fire Roasted Queso was delicious too but I'll give the Ultimate Vegan Queso the crown.

Kettle Brand Tias! Roasted Corn Tortilla Chips turned out to be the perfect Queso dip chip! They seem like a higher quality than your normal restaurant style nacho chip. I'm hoping they branch out and throw in some more Vegan flavors in there!


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