Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whole Foods: Health Starts Here

For the last couple months I've seen these prepackaged Vegan meals for sale at my Whole Foods. I was intrigued but I'm more of a frozen dinner kind of guy, the fresh stuff goes bad too quickly. Right now I have my house up for sale so I need my kitchen clean at all times. Could there be a better time to give this stuff a try? Probably not. So in one fell swoop I bought all of these Health Starts Here meals and tried them out. I heated everything up in the oven because I thought it would taste better that way. So here's what I thought...

I had really high hopes for this enchilada because it looks like something I'd totally love. Sad to say I was disappointed. The first couple bites were fine but after that it seemed like a chore to eat. Bland is the one word that comes to mind. I suppose some salsa or taco sauce would have helped. I wish I could have loved you Mr. Enchilada. :(

The grain loaf was decent, it reminded me a bit of Amy's loaf. The veggies were just ok. I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would be this one.

I'm not even going to waste my time on this one...bland and boring.

This was the first thing I ate. It didn't look very appetizing but I gave it a shot anyway. If play-doe had meatloaf flavor, it I would taste exactly like this. The texture was like clay...not good.

I ate this along with the meatloaf. Mixed with the meatloaf sauce it was decent, by itself it was kinda blah. I just can't win with this stuff.

This Vegan pudding isn't in the "Heath Starts Here" line per se but it's in the same section. Everyone deserves a treat and this was a pretty good one.

So I think the bottom line is that the Heath Starts Here is mediocre at best. I hate to shit on anything that goes out of the way to cater to Vegans but I know Whole Foods can do better. And yes, Whole Foods made these for health conscious people but dear lord, come on! My only hope is that a non-Vegan will not judge all Vegan food on the basis of these dinners.


  1. Things like these should be selled here in Germany! Mmmh!

  2. Thanks for the info! I probably would have bought a bunch of these and ended up being mad at myself. As mush money as Whole Foods charges for their products, it should have amazing flavor!

  3. AWESOME! I haven't seen these yet at my Whole Foods, but I will look for them now, thanks!

  4. Thanks for taking that bullet for me.

  5. I've avoided these and i'm glad to see that it paid off.



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