Monday, January 24, 2011

Amy's Proof of Purchase Gift Box!

**Update 9/1/11** Amy's has changed the program a bit. You now get to pick what item you want in exchange for your UPCs.

About a week ago I finally got around to sending off the 25 Amy's Proof of Purchases. Well surprise, surprise! Look what I got in the mail!!!

I was thinking the gift box would be small! What could possibly be inside???

An awesome Amy's cooler bag to take home your frozen Amy's goodies!

Amy's bag for some casual shopping.

Nifty Amy's thermos for your agua.

A super cute notebook and an Amy's product guide!

Various Amy's magnets and a pen.

And the best part...tons of Amy's coupons!

I can't help but mention that Amy's frozen foods were one of the reasons I was able to go Vegan and stay Vegan. So maybe this gift box means a little more to me than the average person. Thank you Amy's for having this proof of purchase program! Hopefully other companies will take your lead and reward their loyal customers.


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