Friday, January 21, 2011

The Go Max Go Bars Laziest Vegans Taste Test!

Back once again with the Laziest Vegans Taste Test! This time we tackle the world famous Go Max Go Bars. These candy bars took the Vegan world by storm last year and they haven't looked back. They're facsimiles of everyone's favorite non-Vegan bars: Almond Joy, Three Musketeers, Snickers and Milky Way. Our esteemed panel of food connoisseurs have sampled and reviewed each bar thoroughly. Joining me for this candy bar rendezvous is Jenny K, Dave Laser, Princess Lasertron and Veganette. Let see the results shall we?

Jenny K- ...mmm....I love the coconut-chocolaty-ness.
Dave Laser- Oh god I used to love Almond Joy! A very sufficient doppelganger!
Princess Lasertron- I don't really like coconut but this is super good. Love the nuts.
Veganette- Satisfies all of my coconut macaroon needs.
Me- These are good and different but I couldn't eat them all the time.

Jenny K- Great flavor, but really chewy.
Dave Laser- Caramel overload, but in a good way.
Princess Lasertron- Caramel chocolaty! A little too gummy for me.
Veganette- This is my favorite because I have been chasing the nougat for years. Finally I have her in my grasp. She shan't get away again!
Me- My second favorite, a very smooth candy bar.

Jenny K- Just like I remember Snickers.
Dave Laser- Not normally into peanuts as candy.
Princess Lasertron- *sample stolen* WTF?
Veganette- This could make one man weep and another man cry. In a good way!
Me- Nutty and sweet! Nice for a noontime snack.

Jenny K- Super caramel flavor! It's my close second.
Dave Laser- Very similar to Milky Way but without the garbage.
Princess Lasertron- Too much caramel- like a Rolo. Chocolate gum!
Veganette- I love it but it tastes more caramel than nougat. I would like these in a box of chocolates.
Me- The best. It restores my faith in the Vegan diet. We can make ANYTHING Vegan.

Jenny K- Mahalo
Dave Laser- Mahalo
Princess Lasertron- Mahalo
Veganette- Buccaneer
Me- Twilight

By a clear majority, Mahalo wins the crown. Thanks to everyone who participated and of course special thanks to Go Max Go for making Vegans happy!


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