Friday, January 28, 2011

The Canadiana Chocolate Bar

Earlier this month I interviewed Sarah Kramer for my Laziest Vegans Top Ten and she mentioned the Organic Fair Candiana bar was her favorite chocolate bar of all time. I was interested to see if it was really that good. Sarah, being the sweet person she is, sent me a bar to see what I thought.

I know at some point I've stated I'm not the biggest chocolate fan BUT when chocolate is mixed with something I love it. One example I can think of is Nestle Crunch. The rice and chocolate combination is off the hook. So when I bit into the Candiana I was pleasantly surprised that it had a little crunch. The reason for that is the sundried apples mixed into the bar. Also the maple syrup and alder smoked salt really shine through. If you are looking for a chocolate bar that is different from the rest of the pack, pick up a couple Candianas! They are for sale at Sarah's Place right now. Thank you Sarah for introducing me to these delicious bars.


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