Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegan Chocolate: Raisins, M&M's and Gummi Bears

Every year, I get ready for Vegan MoFo by buying a ton of stuff ahead of time. That way, I have some time to review everything, take pictures and of course, eat! I try to buy things I haven't eaten before, because it keeps things fresh and interesting. These three chocolate treats have been on my radar for awhile, but MoFo gave me a little incentive to buy them all. 

Vegan Chocovered Raisins from Fabulous Freefrom Factory. Talk about the holy grail! I can't tell you the last time I've had chocolate raisins, but they are as delicious as you remember. Soft, melt in your mouth chocolate, coating plump raisins. Why didn't I buy two packages? 

Holy Cow Vegan Dark Chocolate Beans. Miss M&M's? Well here you go! They're not as soft as M&M, but that's a minor complaint. I ate these like there was no tomorrow. Now I await the day when I can buy Vegan Reese's Pieces so I can do my E.T. impression.

Organic Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears from Chocolate Decadence. I had no idea that chocolate covered gummi bears was a "thing." I figured it was just Vegans being crazy. But no, chocolate covered gummi bears are the rage, and thankfully we are not left out. These were great! My only complaint was that the gummi bears were stuck together and I has to break them out of the chocolate. But hey, we live in a world with Vegan gummi bears covered in chocolate, and it's great!


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