Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yummy Earth Lollipop and Sour Beans Giveaway!

Yummy Earth contacted me about getting the word out about their Organic Lollipops being sold at Target. It's a really big step to get Vegan products into mainstream stores because non-Vegans will buy them and it gives Veganism some positive exposure. Who can argue with a delicious Organic Vegan Lollipop?  I don't do many giveaways, but I love their Lollipops and Sour Beans and I want everyone to try them! Three winners will receive either a giant bag of Lollipops or Sour Beans.

The contest is super easy. Leave a name, valid email and your choice of lollipops or sour beans in the comments. There will be three winners picked Friday at midnight. Good luck!


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