Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vega Energizing Smoothies

Adding even more awesomeness to their repertoire, Vega has introduced their new supplement, Energizing Smoothies. Available in Vanilla Almondilla, Choc-A-Lot, Bodacious Berry, Oh Natural and Tropical Tango, Vega has kindly sent a sample of each to review and (hopefully) enjoy. I'm approaching these more as dessert drinks even though they are fortified and healthy. So let's see how these smoothies stack up!

My first and favorite of the smoothies is Vanilla Almondilla. For this one I used Almond Milk as the base. Someone on the Laziest Vegans FB page hit it right on the head and said it tastes like marzipan. It has a sweet desserty flavor without all the sugar (only 1 gram!). It says to shake it up to prepare, but honestly, save yourself the time and get a Magic Bullet. It comes out super smooth and fluffy, I love it.

Tropical Tango was my next flavor. For the Tropical Tango, I used water instead of Almond Milk. Having tried both, I would say that Almond Milk was the more enjoyable base. Tropical Tango has a nice tangy flavor, very citrusy.

Now that I know Almond Milk is the best choice for me, the rest of the smoothies are made with it. Bodacious Berry is the next flavor in the Magic Bullet. For some reason it tasted like Cap'n Crunch berries, which isn't a bad thing.

Choc-A-Lot is the home run I thought it would be. Great for chocolate lovers, it has a smooth, almost hot coco taste. Probably the most deserty of the five right next to the Vanilla.

And the last of the samples is the non-flavored Oh Natural. I've had my issues with the natural flavors of Vega in the past, but most of that stems from the fact that I always used water and NEVER mixed anything else in with the powder. So for this Oh Natural taste test, I really wanted to do it right. Staying with the Almond Milk base, I added fresh strawberries from our garden. What came out of the Magic Bullet was more on the protein drink tip, but still enjoyable. Definitely nowhere near the putrid level of natural Vega One with only water, I swear.

So wrapping up, I really enjoyed this Vega Energizing Smoothie experience. Personally, I'll stick to the Vega One for my daily workouts, but I can totally recommend the smoothies for a power dessert or even just a weeknight treat. Keep up the good work Vega!


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