Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vegetarian Plus Vegan Kung Pao Chicken

Recently, VegeUSA contacted me about reviewing some of their Vegan products. Snarky Vegan referred me to VegeUSA because I complained about never getting free stuff. Well, that paid off in spades because they sent me a ton of free stuff! Interestingly enough, I'd never had any Vegetarian Plus products before. So I had no expectations, only an empty tummy.

The first dinner I chose was the Vegan Kung Pao Chicken. It sounded really good to me. This wasn't your typical frozen dinner, you microwave the bag and then incorporate it with either rice or veggies. Trader Joe's Rice Medley was my rice of choice. Good stuff!

But down to the Kung Pao! I was really impressed with with the flavor of the meal. It really tasted like the Vegan chicken you get at a Supreme Master restaurant. It might be the same stuff, I have no idea. It was sweet and spicy at the same time. Generous amount of sauce which is always welcome. The amount of food you get is also impressive. It took me two sittings to finish off my meal.

So if you are looking to re-create your first Chinese Vegan restaurant experience or you are just bored with your usual frozen dinners, you should give Vegetarian Plus's Vegan Kung Pao Chicken a shot!


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