Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gardein Buffalo Wings & FYH Vegan Ranch

Finally working my way to other Gardein items, my next choice was the Gardein Classic Style Buffalo Wings. I never had actual buffalo wings so I'm not the best judge of how authentic they taste. But they look good on the cover and I could go for some spicy stuff.

Apparently people eat buffalo wings with ranch so I didn't want to be left out. Follow Your Heart has an amazing Vegan Ranch that is sure to knock you socks off. It's great on salads too, (so I hear).

Anyways, so what did I think of the Buffalo Wings? They were good but I have a few complaints. Comparing them to the Gardien Crispy Tenders, they are a bit tougher and not as breaded. Also they didn't come out of the oven as saucy as on the packaging, but I added a bit of Frank's Red Hot and obviously the FYH Vegan Ranch.

If I didn't have those two additions I might have been a little disappointing, but I did so I wasn't. So bottom line: They are good, but they won't ever replace the Crispy Tenders in my freezer.


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