Sunday, November 11, 2012

Upton's Naturals Vegan BBQ Bowl

This is going to be another one of those posts that makes you upset that you don't live in the Midwest, so I'll apologize now. I'm sorry, so sorry! Since I do live in the Midwest, I was able to try Upton's Naturals newest ready-to-go offering, the Vegan BBQ Bowl. This is what you call a complete meal! Barbequed seitan, kale and mac & cheese - 16 ounces worth, in a ready-to-go microwavable bowl. Two minutes in the microwave and zap, dinner is served. 

The barbequed seitan is exactly what you've come to expect from Upton's- plump, juicy and plentiful. The sauce is sweet and tangy. The mac & cheese isn't as cheesy as some people would like, but I liked it just fine. I mixed it with the BBQ sauce and it was heavenly. And to my surprise, there was kale at the bottom of the bowl. Talk about a nice, well-rounded meal. If the Vegan BBQ Bowl isn't your style, there is also an Indian style Vegan Ashram Bowl and the Vegan Macro Bowl. Thank you (again) to Upton's for making some amazing Vegan food!


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