Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nature's Path Organic Coconut Chia Granola

I remember the first time I saw Nature's Path Hemp Plus Granola cereal, my mind was blown. A.) How do you eat hemp? and B.) How do you make it taste good? Ultimately I discovered that it's an awesome cereal and really put Nature's Gate on the map for me. So you can say my eyes widened a bit when I saw this new Coconut Chia Granola the other day. Actual flakes of coconut in the cereal? Too cool! You know I gotta try that.

From the first spoonful, I was in love. It's like you're eating a rich coconut cookie. Amazing crunch and sweetness. Not low fat by any means, but it's good fat. A great source of Omega-3's and whole grains. And of course, it's Non-GMO and Organic. In fact, it's worth noting that Nature's Path is the only certified Non-GMO cereal brand on the market right now. So it's an all-around healthy and nutritious cereal that you can feel comfortable eating.

The best part of course is that it says VEGAN on the box. You make my job so easy, Nature's Path! I love it. So go out and get a box of Coconut Chai Granola and tell me what you think!


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