Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lagusta's Luscious Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

I hit the jackpot this year as my Chanukah present was a TON of chocolates from Lagusta's Luscious. I've never had anything from Lagusta before, so I was pretty excited. For the uninformed, Lagusta's Luscious is run by Lagusta Umani out of a cute little shop in New Paltz, New York. All of the chocolates are made with high quality ingredients that are Vegan, organic and fair trade.

Anything with peanut butter gets my attention and these Pauline Benjamin Peanut Butter Cups sure did. The pb was nice and gooey, almost like a peanut butter caramel.

You can see how gooey they were! If you are a pb fiend, you will die over these.

Next up are two gourmet chocolate bars, the Caramel Chile Bar and the Smoky Corn on the Cob. Two non-traditional flavors in a chocolate bar that both turned out to be AMAZING.

Caramel Chile had a nice sweet & spicy flavor in addition to a delicious syrupy inside. This is the one for you heat lovers. The Smoky Corn Bar was something of a revelation and my favorite of all the chocolates. Corn is one of my favorite foods but I never pictured it could be such a compliment to chocolate and visa versa. If you take nothing else from this blog post, please buy a couple of these bars and go to heaven.

It's that time of year and peppermint and chocolate are everywhere! Lagusta's Peppermint Bark is a pound of chocolate with homemade peppermint candy pieces.

At first sight, I wondered how on earth I was going to eat a pound of peppermint bark. But after a couple bites I realized a) it's delicious and b) I should share.

So when you are thinking of sending some chocolate to a loved one, make sure you check out Lagusta's Luscious for amazing chocolates!


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