Friday, November 12, 2010

The Virgil's Cream Soda Laziest Vegans Taste Test!

We had so much fun with the Silk Nog taste test that I decided to hold court once again. This time we are taking on Virgil's Cream Sodas plus Root Beer. Joining me in this joyous exercise is Mr. Laserton, Princess Lasertron, Pookie Pie and Jenny K (self-proclaimed Izze fan).

Orange Cream Soda:
Mr. Lasertron- Notes of clementine and tangerine. Didn't taste any vanilla but it was decent.
Princess Lasertron- *Due to my selfeshness, Princess Lasertron did not get to taste the Orange Cream Soda*
Pookie Pie- Tastes likes melted orange candy. DO NOT LIKE.
Jenny K- (Shakes head no) Can I pour this out?
Me- I loved the strong & sweet orange popsicle flavor. It's not an everyday drink but I do love it.

Black Cherry Cream Soda:
Mr. Lasertron- Distinct Wild Cherry flavor, I enjoyed it.
Princess Lasertron- Just tastes like Cherry.
Pookie Pie- Tastes like Dr. Browns Cherry Soda. I can't taste the cream and that's good. Makes me want a Kosher Hot Dog with Sour Kraut (Vegan of course). Going back for seconds!
Jenny K- It doesn't have a strong flavor but the flavor it does have is good.
Me- Kinda surprised by the cherry flavor. It reminded me of cherry cough drops (the good ones). I'd totally buy it again.

Cream Soda:
Mr. Lasertron- Wow that's really good!
Princess Lasertron- Tastes like Root Beer Float with the fanciest vanilla ice dream.
Pookie Pie- This the business. They really captured the essence of creaminess.
Jenny K- Tastes like fake vanilla.
Me- One of the best sodas I've ever had. Tastes like creamy heaven. Also, Amy loves Virgil's Cream Soda!

Root Beer:
Mr. Lasertron- It tastes like Root Beer.
Princess Lasertron- I can taste the anise and wintergreen.
Pookie Pie- It's my favorite Root Beer
Jenny K- I'm not a huge Root Bear fan but it's not too bad. Better than other Root beers.
Me- A good Root Beer but it was the least of the four for me.

Mr. Lasertron: Cream Soda
Princess Lasertron: Cream Soda
Pookie Pie: Cream Soda
Jenny K: Black Cherry
Me: Cream Soda

So by a landslide, Cream Soda is crowned champion! Thanks to everyone who participated in the taste test. See you next time!


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